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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open Textbooks at NSCC

This page contains the customized versions of Open Textbooks currently being used at NSCC.

  • They are adapted versions (edited to match NSCC outcomes) of OPEN textbooks.
  • It is important to download the open textbooks from this website or embed the textbook content box in your Brightspace course. This ensures you are using the NSCC version.
  • Yes! You can make print copies.
  • Automatic Updates! When you embed the Textbook Box in Brightspace, all of  the content in the box included. Any new material (e.g. supplementary teaching materials) added to the master Textbook Box will also appear in your Brightspace Textbook Box.
  • Need an embed code for a textbook box?
    Send an email to and specify which textbook box you would like to embed in Brightspace.

PDF Textbook Tips

Introduction to Psychology / SOCS 1001

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Introduction to Sociology / SOCS 1000 & ARTS 1031

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NSCC Chemistry / CHEM 1050

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NSCC ALP Physics Textbook / PHYS 1046/47 & 1050

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Adult Literacy Readers and Exercise Books

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New -- College Skills: Intermediate English

NSCC Food Science (SCI 1042)

NSCC Human Biology (SCIE 1044)

PDF Short Cut Keys

Ctrl + F = Opens Find Text Search Box

Shift + Ctrl + F = Opens Full Text Search Window

Home + End keys = Go to last page in document

Alt + Arrow Left key = Go to last page viewed

Pg Up key = Move forward 1 page

Pg Down key = Move backward 1 page

Ctrl + Shift + number = Go to exact page number