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Architectural Engineering Technician: Find Video

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Building for the Future

Sea levels are rising and storms are becoming increasingly powerful. The cost of the damage caused by extreme weather events around the world increases. Is our architecture still fulfilling its actual purpose – namely to protect us from the cold and heat, and from rain and storms? Architects and engineers have long been discussing how the buildings of the future should be constructed. In Hong Kong, American Ted Givens works hard on a house designed to withstand any such hurricane, typhoon or tornado. Dutchman Koen Olthuis designs and builds floating houses, stadiums, mosques and golf courses around the world. German civil engineer Werner Sobek designs houses that are emission-neutral, completely recyclable and energy self-sufficient; he also researches intelligent structures that have muscles and nerves.


Micro Apartments

You have to be creative when your apartment is only 250 square feet. This ABC News report looks at Japan’s latest innovation, the micro-apartment. With storage in the floor and bathtubs in the living room, these spaces, some only 10 feet wide, are designed to make use of every inch. They are also attracting the attention of some larger U.S. cities. Broadcast date: March 4, 2013. (3 minutes) An ABC News Production.


Tomorrow's World

Architectural technology has led to the creation of smart houses and greener buildings. This film explores the technology behind compact houses that rotate with the flick of a switch to take advantage of sun exposure and examines how safer skyscrapers are being built. See how this technology is being integrated into civilian and military buildings and get a look at how we might one day live in space. Part of the series How Does That Work?

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