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Creating a Playlist

Playlists can be used to keep a course or part of a course. Look for the button above the video screen marked + Add to Playlist or the "+" button near a video thumbnail.

You can also create a playlist by using the user drop-down menu at the top right of the screen. Select Playlists and you will be taken to a new screen where you can choose the Create new playlist button. If you have previously created playlists, you can view details of these lists here.

Working with Your Playlists

Using the user drop-down menu at the top right of the homepage, select Playlists.

Playlist type:

Your Playlists are listed here.

Playlist details:

This part of the screen displays information about a playlist. You will see the number of courses and videos contained in this list, the total running time of this content, the owner and curator details.

Course/video/chapter name:

Each course and video saved is displayed in a list. You can look at the progress with this component, watch it again, and check the running time.

Edit playlist:

  • Change the view order of the components in your list
  • Delete components of your list
  • Add memos and descriptions

Watch playlist:

  • You can view your playlist contents as an entire course

Copy playlist:

  • A copy of your playlist can be made. This might be useful if you need a different version with a few changes that can then be made to this version.

Make private/public:

  • If your list is private you are the only one who can access it. The lock symbol appears closed.
  • This feature must be unlocked, making your playlist public, if you want to share the list with others.


  • Playlists can be shared with other people, ideally those with full access to
  • Sharing can be done by email or by URL.

Creating Playlists in

Sharing Playlists

Once you have your playlists created you may want to share them will colleagues or students.

There are 2 options to share Playlists:

  • Via an email address
  • With a URL link.

Note: To share a playlist, it must be public and your audience should have access. - Sharing Playlists

From your Playlist screen:

  • Select Share
  • Select Email address or URL link