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Learn offline

You can access your courses offline (or even just parts of them) using the app and play them on your computer or mobile device, even when not connected to a network or wifi as long you have space on your device. Just click the View Offline / Download (on a computer)or Download (on mobile devices) link, usually found beneath the video player. Then when you're back online, your course will sync across all your devices! How awesome is that! Note: viewing offline requires the app. at NSCC Webinar

Did you miss the at NSCC Webinar?  View the recording below!  Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Trish LeBlanc (AVC Campus Librarian) or Scott Conrad (Instructional Designer), members of the Libraries and Educational Technology Team. Features & Tips provides lots of tips to get the most out of your learning experience.

Learning History & Certificates of Completion

Track your progress and celebrate your achievements with your learning history and Certificates of Completion. Learn how to view, print, and share to make the most of your learning accomplishments.

Notes, Transcripts, & Bookmarks

Learn more about taking notes, utilizing transcripts, and bookmarking specific videos that are important to you.

Exercise Files & Assessments

Exercise files and assessments are supplemental learning materials associated with many of the courses. Exercise files are assignments designed to reinforce skills, while assessments are quizzes to test your knowledge. Learn more about how to find, download, and use these features.

NOTE: The files can only be used for personal use. They cannot be copied, shared or loaded into D2L. They can be assigned as individual work for students to access independently on the platform.

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