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Copyright @ NSCC

Copyright information for NSCC faculty, staff and students.


1. What is copyright?

2. What is protected by copyright?

3. What is the purpose of the NSCC fair dealing guidelines?

4. Can I make a copy when it is not allowed under NSCC Fair Dealing Guidelines, but I have permission from the publisher?

5. Can I make copies by writing it out and then copy it?

6. Can I make copies of a book that is no longer in print?

7. What is the public domain?

8. Who is liable for copyright infringement?

Can I make copies from instructor support materials such as a PowerPoint presentation or solutions manual when I adopt a textbook?

Can I print materials from the Internet to hand out to my students in class?

Can I show television or radio broadcasts in the classroom?

Is there a difference between posting copyrighted material on a publicly available website versus a password protected website?

Can I email copies of articles?

Can I make copies from a business case study that I purchased?

Can I show a YouTube video in class?

If I purchase an online case study or research report for class discussion, can I copy it or post it online to share with students?

Can I use screenshots of a software application in handouts or tutorials?

Can I use screenshots of a publicly available website in handouts or tutorials?

Can I use images I found on the Internet for teaching or learning purposes?

Can I use cartoons and comic strips in the classroom?

Can I use another person's images for my posters?

Can I play music or other sound recordings in class?

Is it legal to make a "back up" copy of a purchased video just in case the original gets damaged?

Can I show in class a video that I bought or rented from a store?

Can my students perform music or a play from copyrighted material on campus? What about at an off-campus venue?