Open Education Week 2023: Pressbooks @ NSCC

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Getting Started With Open Educational Resources (OER) at NSCC

Not sure where you are in the process?

Have a look at the Overview for Adopting or Adapting Open Textbooks at NSCC tool.

NSCC Libraries Pressbooks

NSCC has its own instance of PressbooksEDU called NSCC Libraries Pressbooks.

NSCC Libraries Pressbooks is a platform for creating, adapting, publishing and sharing open textbooks. Have a look at the NSCC Libraries Pressbooks Library to view the open textbooks currently being used at the College.

NSCC encourages the adoption, adaptation and creation of Open Educational Resources (OER) in order to increase innovation in teaching and learning while decreasing costs for students.

Watch the 5 Ws of NSCC Libraries Pressbooks for a short overview of using PressbooksEDU at NSCC.

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