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Portfolio: Career Goals

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Career Goals

Career Goals allow you to identify your interests, values and goals.  Individuals have diverse interests, skills and passions; therefore, identifying your professional career goals is a personal experience of self-reflection.

There are many different career goals you may consider including:

  • Professional Growth: In all professions, change and growth is constant.  Individuals must constantly upgrade their skill set and be willing to change and challenge themselves professionally. 
  • Financial Stability: Financial health is one of the most important aspects of an individual’s life.  Individuals who feel undervalued due to being underemployed or underpaid can become frustrated or demoralized.  Identifying your financial goal will help you identify which career choice will help you achieve your personal financial goals.
  • Personal & Professional Satisfaction: Enjoying your work is essential to long-term engagement and satisfaction.  Your career goals should be aligned to personal and professional fulfillment.
  • Diverse Experiences: It is important that your work allows you to challenge yourself professionally.  Learning new tasks, ideas, technologies and taking risks are all part of exploring aspects of ourselves.  Meeting new people, learning new languages and exploring new cultures provides opportunities to celebrate diversity and communities.

Writing your careers goals is an important part of professional development.  When we articulate our goals, we are more likely to achieve our goals.

Goal Setting and Action Planning

This video helps students establish criteria for attainable goals and objectives, and shows them how to evaluate goals on the basis of these criteria. Students begin to draft their own goal lists and action plans for implementing their search.

Goal Setting & Action Planning

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