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CSA OnDemand: Get Started

Get Started

What is CSA OnDemand?

CSA OnDemand is a searchable library of standards from the Canadian Standards Association. It provides continually updated standards for online viewing and downloadable PDFs. Standards available through NSCC's subscription cover the following Subject Areas:

  • Petroleum & Natural Gas
  • Environment & Natural Resources
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Mechanical & Industrial Equipment
  • Health Care and Well-being
  • Worker & Public Safety
  • Nuclear
  • Management Systems
  • Electrical
  • Fuels & Transportation

How to get to CSA OnDemand?

Your can get to CSA OnDemand from the NSCC Libraries' website > Library Resources > Databases.  Or use the following link: 

You can keyword search in the "Search Products" search field or select My Library on the right for a full list of all Standards available.

CSA my library link

Offline Access


Once in the My Library section, you’ll see a list of available standards (“parents”). Click on one of the Standards from the list to see the current and previous editions of that Standard (“children” of that Standard)

Example: List ("children") of the current and previous editions of the CSA B355 Standard.

view of children of parent standard

You can also search the standards by:

  • Subject Area on the left.
  • Type in keywords in the search field that says "Search Products".
  • Search by ICS Code.

search or browse the collection

search CSA by ICS code

Viewing Standards

Select a Standard. On the right-hand side, you will see two options: View Online and Download PDF.

view online or download


Select View Online

The standard will now open in the Online Web Viewer (can be used with any mobile device). Here you can use the zoom function to increase font size, go to a specific page, and search within the document. 

zoom function, page navigation, search document in online web viewer

Bookmark a Standard

Save a standard to your browser's memory (enabling offline access):

  1. Select Standard and View Online
  2. Create a bookmark/favourite the URL (follow bookmarking instructions for your browser). This step must be completed prior to "save to browser" step.
  3. Click on the SAVE icon on the right-side of your screen to save it to your browser.
  4. A progression bar will appear to show the progress of saving the Standard. Once completed, you'll get a message.

HELP: How to Bookmark Webpages on Any Browser


Select Download PDF


  • Some Standards are not available for PDF Download (please see list below).
  • PDF's CANNOT be downloaded from off Campus.
  • You CAN download PDF's when you are on an NSCC Campus to be saved and viewed off-line from home.
  • PDF requires Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat (desktop version only) and must be opened outside the internet browser.
  • For mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, the Web Viewer Version must be used.

Click on Download PDF and do one of the following:

  1. Go to the Downloads folder in your system and open the PDF with Adobe Reader or Acrobat (do not open the downloaded PDF in the browser).
  2. Or open Adobe Reader or Acrobat > go to File > Open > locate your downloaded PDF.
In Google Chrome Browser:
  1. After clicking on the link to download the PDF
  2. Go to the browser's Downloads > find your PDF > select it and click on the small arrow that says “Show in Folder”.
  3. That will show you the PDF file where it was downloaded on your PC, usually in the Download folder.
  4. Right click on the PDF and click on “Open With” > select Adobe.


Available for Online Viewing ONLY (no PDF Download):

Electrical Code

  • 2701389  C22.1-18 Canadian Electrical Code
  • 2701490   C22.1HB-18

Gas Code

  • 2702234    B149 HB-05
  • 2701099    B149.1-15
  • 2700690    B149.2-15
  • 2700666    B149.3-15
  • 2700667    B149.5-15


  • 2702055 B139 SERIES

Share Link

Important: Students or colleagues receiving or accessing a CSA OnDemand Standard link have go into CSA OnDemand via NSCC Libraries' website FIRST, before the link will work. Off-site you will be prompted for your W# and password (same as used for NSCC email). An example message is provided below.


You can link to specific Standards using the Share button located above the View Online and Download PDF options. Links can be pasted into an email or added to a Brightspace course.

share link button for permalink

When you select Share, a window will appear on your screen with the permalink to that Standard. Select Copy Link.

copy shareable link


Add Standard Link to a Brightspace Course

  1. Copy Link
  2. In Brightspace course and module you wish to add link, select New > Create a File.
  3. In the Rich Text Editor, type the name of the Standard and hyperlink it using the Link you copied from CSA OnDemand.
  4. Provide a message to students that they must access CSA OnDemand via NSCC Libraries' webpage FIRST in order for the link to work. If you provide a link to CSA OnDemand (the main collection link) set it to Open in New Window in Brightspace.

An example message might be:

To link to Standard Z317.5-17 Illumination Design in Health Care Facilities

  1. Go to NSCC Libraries’ CSA OnDemand link FIRST:   (NOTE to Course designers: this link works best if it opens in a New Window - set that when you add it)
  2. Off-site you will be prompted with your w# and password – same as for your NSCC email
  3. Then click on the Standard link provided: (i.e. )

Please note: Sharing downloaded PDFs through Brightspace would require special copyright permission. Please contact for more information.

Need help?

Contact your Campus Library for assistance.