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Business Intelligence Analytics: Find Video

This guide provides quick access to quality resources relevant to Business Intelligence Analytics.

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Nirmal, D. (2019, September 17). Unlocking the value of your data [Video file]. Retrieved from

Organizations recognize that data is what fuels digital transformation and are looking for new ways to unlock the value of their data and accelerate their journey to AI. That’s why 80 percent of business leaders view AI as a strategic opportunity. Yet only 19 percent understand the data required for AI. Further, only 1 in 20 AI models make it to production and deliver any ROI. Simply put: There is no AI without information architecture (IA). Dinesh Nirmal examines how, with a unified, prescriptive information architecture, organizations can successfully unlock the value of their data for AI, as well as trust and control the business impact and risks of AI while coexisting in a multicloud world.

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