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All about Permalinks

Create links to articles from NSCC Library databases by saving the article's persistent link.

  • A persistent link is a stable url (web) address.

  • Synonyms: Permanent Link and Stable Link

  • DOI — A type of persistent link used in many databases.
    Click here to link to a free DOI lookup tool. It can be used to look up DOIs.

  • Links to subscription-based resources must start with the prefix:

  • Many of our databases automatically include this prefix information in the links generated

Linking from Specific Databases

Includes databases such as ProQuest Central, ABI/Inform Collection, Career and Technical Education Database, CBCA (Canadian Business & Current Affairs Complete) and Business Market Research Collection.

Step 1. Find an article you want and click on the title.

Step 2. Click on the Abstract/Details Tab.

Step 3. Scroll down to the Indexing Information.

Step 4. Copy the persistent link from the Document URL line. Use as is! No additional steps required

Proquest Publication Page Links

Unfortunately, Proquest does not have stable Publication Information Page URL's.  What you can do is use the URL as listed when you go to a publication information page and edit it. Do not use the complete URL as some of the information in that URL is session specific and would need to be removed before you could use the URL to link with.

For example: 

  • The Publication Information page for the New York Times, Late Edition (East Coast) will have a URL similar to the following when you first go to it:

  • Only use the highlighted portion below:

New York Times, Late Edition (East Coast)

  • And include the proxy prefix for remote access:

New York Times, Late Edition (East Coast)

Gale databases include:

  • Gale Virtual Reference
  • Health Reference Center Academic
  • Agriculture Collection
  • Culinary Arts Collection
  • Environmental Studies and Policy Collection
  • Fine Arts and Music Collection
  • Gardening, Landscape and Horticulture Collection
  • Home Improvement Collection

Step 1. Find the article you wish to link to and click on the title.

Step 2. Scroll to the bottom of the article to locate the URL.

Step 3. Copy the URL.

Step 4. Paste the URL into Word or Notepad. Add the Add the prefix:
to the beginning of the URL. This will ensure students can access the article from off-campus.

Step 5. Copy the new URL (with prefix).

Includes databases such as Hospitality & Tourism Complete, CINAHL Complete, and ERIC.

Step 1. Find an article you want to save or share.

Step 2. Click on the article.

Step 3. Click on the Permalink button.

Step 4. Copy the URL in the Permalink bar. Use as is!

Want to use the DOI? EBSCO also supplies the DOI as part of the detailed record.


EBSCO Publication Details Page

In EBSCO, click on the Publications tab in the top blue banner. Form here you can search for journals by title or subject. One you locate the journal you want, click on the Journal Name.

This will take you to the Publication Details page with links too all available issues. Click on Share on the right to get the Permalink. Copy and paste this URL into D2L.





Make sure you login to Anatomy.TV before clicking on permalinks you have created for this database.

Log into Anatomy.TV from our databases page.

Step 1. Find the graphic you want to share.anatomy tv link

Step 2. Click the Create Weblink button.

Step 3. A persistent link will appear. Copy and paste the persistent link into the Link Generator at the bottom of this page

Step 4. Copy and use.