Streaming Video

NSCC Students, Staff and Faculty have access to 6 Streaming Video Collections.


NFB Campus includes educational descriptions and Thematic Online Channels

* All NFB and CAMPUS films can be shown in the classroom.
** NFB offers Closed Captioning.


NFB covers a wide range of subjects:

  • Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
  • Animals
  • Arts
  • Cultural Diversity and Multiculturalism
  • Environment and Conservation
  • Film and Video Arts
  • Food and Food Industries
  • Geography and Geology
  • Health and Medicine
  • History of Canada
  • Media and Communication
  • Music
  • Politics and Government
  • Sciences
  • Social Issues
  • Technology
  • Tourism
  • Women


To search the NFB Collection from the NFB Home Page you can use keywords in the SEARCH field or select Films to view an alphabetical list and limit results by the following options:

  • Language (English or French)
  • Genre
  • Accessibility (does the film have Closed Captions?)
  • Availability (limit to all films or only CAMPUS films)
  • Production year
  • Film length

CAMPUS films are identified by the word “CAMPUS” in the top corner of the thumbnail.

NFB search from homepage


Faculty & Staff

For Faculty and Staff

NFB CAMPUS is an online teacher resource for study guides, playlists, lesson plans, and exclusive films! Features in this collection include:

  • Education playlists
  • Study Guides
  • Apps and Interactive Projects
  • Mini-lessons
  • Search tool that allows you to search by level and subject area
  • Chaptering tool that allows you to customize films to meet your needs
  • Playlist tool that allows you to prepare for your class or presentation in advance

Your NFB Account will give you access to CAMPUS special features. Contact your Campus Library for the access link required to create an account.

From an NSCC Campus, you can search Browse CAMPUS films by going to FILMS > Availability > Select Campus.

Off Campus Access

The NFB film collection is free and available anywhere you have an internet connection.

NSCC Students, Staff, and Faculty can access NFB CAMPUS content from home: