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TutorMe: Getting Started

What is TutorMe?

TutorMe is an online tutoring service for NSCC students.

  • You can connect with qualified tutors, 24/7
  • Tutors are experts in over 300 subjects and available in 30 languages
  • You can access this service via chat, video or audio in real time
  • NSCC students get 8 hours a month of free tutoring in TutorMe. Hours renew at midnight the 1st of each month.
  • Students are billed in 15 minute increments after 5 minutes. For example, if you use 6 minutes, you are billed for 15.

How do I access TutorMe?

To access TutorMe, you will need to login to Brightspace and enter your username (W#) and password. From there, you can get to it in 2 ways:

1. From your Brightspace Homepage, click on the TutorMe link in the menu bar.

TutorMe link on Brightspace Homepage


2. From within a course, click on the TutorMe link in the menu bar.

TutorMe link on Course page


Once you are in TutorMe, choose the service you need:

  • Connect with a Live Tutor
  • Writing Lab: get writing help

chose your service

Connect with a Live Tutor

Before you start, here are some tips for finding a good tutor match:

  • Come prepared with a specific issue, problem or assignment.
  • If the Topic you type in does not find results, go to a broader category. For example, if you’re looking for a tutor to help with Balance Sheet Reconciliations, choose Accounting. You’ll have a chance to be more specific in your description.
  • Describe your problem in as much detail as possible. The description field can hold 50 characters!
  • Whenever possible, upload your assignment or a screen shot of the problem you are working on.

Once you are in TutorMe, select Connect with a Live Tutor:

1. Choose a subject from a dropdown menu OR type in a topic

select a topic from the dropdown menu


2. Provide any additional information about your problem or assignment

provide additional information


  • Within 60 seconds you'll be directed to a tutor with experience in your topic
  • Once a tutor has been selected, you enter a "waiting room" where you have 2 minutes to determine if the tutor is a good match without using any of your 8 hour monthly allotment. If the tutor is not a good fit, you can go back and match with a different tutor.
  • You can "favourite" tutors and request them again.
  • Once you are assigned a tutor, you'll meet in the lesson space where you can use chat, video or audio in real time.

About the Lesson Space

  • When you enter the Lesson Space, audio/video turned off by default.
  • Your tutor will lead the session
  • You can activate the screen sharing button – for example, to demo software - this will help the tutor better understand your issue.
  • You can turn on audio and/or video if you like. Or just use chat.
  • The Lesson Space has a graphing calculator, math equations, code editor, and a text editor.
  • Live sessions with your tutor are recorded and you can access recordings any time.

lesson space in Tutorme

You can work with a tutor one or more times a month for up to 8 hours, free.

Writing Lab: get writing help

Once you are in TutorMe, select Writing Lab: 

  • Select I understand to indicate you know this is a "Drop Off Paper Review" service only

writng lab agreement screen

  • Provide information about your paper
  • Upload your paper. It has to be a MS Word document.

writing lab form

  • Within 12 hours, a subject-specific tutor will review it and return it with comments.
  • The tutor does not make changes in the paper.
  • You can request a live tutor session when the paper is returned.

A student is charged 5 minutes for every 1500 characters. This would include the title page and bibliography. There is also 10 minutes applied for overall feedback/review, regardless of the length of the paper. They guarantee a 24 hour turnaround time but often get it back to a student before then.

Technology Requirements

  • No special equipment -- You only need internet access to use this service, no special software is required. A camera or microphone is optional if you want video- or audio-conferencing. A quick plugin is required to allow the tutor to share their screen with you.
  • Remote access -- NSCC Students can access the service from on or off campus.
  • Recommended browser -- Chrome is recommended.
  • Mobile device compatible -- TutorMe is compatible with all tablets, native IOS and android apps. It can be used on mobile devices, but it is only chat-based for mobile.