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LinkedIn Learning at NSCC: Collections

A gateway and guide to LinkedIn Learning videos, resources and help.


Please note: as with all electronic collections, content may change periodically in the LinkedIn Learning Library.

Creating a Collection

Collections can be used to keep a course or part of a course.

To create a collection

  • navigate to your profile icon (top right corner)
  • Select Collections
  • Click the Create New Collection link
  • Add a Title (Description is optional)
  • Click create

Add content to a Collection

  • Select an item that interests you
  • Click the save icon (right side of video title)
    • The icon changes to a check mark and a window pops up confirming you have saved the item. 
  • Select "Add to collection”
    • Add to your previously created collection(s) or
    • Select create a new collection.

Working with Collections

To work with your Collections

  • Navigate to your profile icon
  • Select collections

Collection Options

Collections can include:

  • saved materials from courses
  • videos
  • learning paths
  • links
  • documents

Collection Management

You can:

  • add or delete content
  • edit title and description information
  • delete collections

Creating a Collection