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LinkedIn Learning at NSCC: Guiding Principles for Use

A gateway and guide to LinkedIn Learning videos, resources and help.

Using LinkedIn Learning Recordings

The Fine Print

You must agree to the conditions for use contained in:

The conditions for use include:

  • All LinkedIn Learning content must viewed on a LinkedIn Learning platform:
    • the LinkedIn Learning website or
    • the LinkedIn Learning mobile device app.
  • Offline use is only permitted using the LinkedIn Learning app.
  • You have the right to access and view the content, but you cannot copy content.
  • Downloading, copying (of any kind) or creating derivative works is NOT permitted.

Exercise Files & Assessments

  • LinkedIn Learning exercise files and assessments are provided as supplemental learning materials with many of the LinkedIn Learning courses.
    NOTE: Supplementary materials can only be used for personal practice use.

  • They cannot be copied, shared or loaded into Brightspace. They can be assigned as individual work for students to access independently on the LinkedIn Learning platform.

Classroom Use: LinkedIn Learning recordings may only be used as a supplement to in-class or online courses and not as a replacement for classroom instruction. The students in the class must all be registered students, faculty, or staff who have their own valid credentials to access the LinkedIn Learning content. LinkedIn Learning content may be assigned to students as individual work to complete outside of class time.

Professional Development: LinkedIn Learning recordings may be used as standalone professional training units or used to enhance courses offered to staff or faculty through Organizational Learning.

Self-Directed Learning: LinkedIn Learning may be used by NSCC students, faculty and staff for independent learning.

NSCC Policies & Linkedin Learning

NSCC Policies

In using any resource, including Linkedin Learning, the Copyright Act and NSCC policies must be followed. The full text of NSCC’s Use of Copyright Materials Policy can be found on the NSCC Policies & Procedures webpage.