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Cabinetmaking: Find Video

This guide has been created to provide quick access to Cabinetmaking resources.

How to Pick and Prep Lumber for Better Projects

Learn how to pick and prep your lumber for better-looking and stronger projects. WOOD magazine's Jeff Mertz provides tips and tricks from the planning of lumber selection to the fine details of prepping your materials to be flat and true.

Wood Magazine. (2019, August 17). How to pick and prep lumber for better projects [Video].

CC BY 4.0

Four Must-Have Hand Planes For Your Shop


Hand planes remove excess material and shape wood without creating a great deal of noise or dust. There are hundreds if not thousands of different plane type bodies and they all serve a purpose. WOOD magazine's David Thiel discusses four types of hand planes you should have in your shop: Block Plane, Jack Plane, Shoulder Plane and Jointer Plane.

Wood Magazine. (2020, May 23). Four must-have hand planes for your shop [Video].

CC BY 4.0

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