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Persons with Disabilities Resources: Theories of Disability

This guide is an introduction to concepts and a gateway to resources around disability information, supports, legislation and rights. It was developed in consultation with members of the disability community and NSCC staff who work closely with them.

Social vs. Medical Model

A short, but powerful, explanation of the difference between the medical and social models of disability.

Shape Arts. (2017, November 28). Social Model of Disability [Video] .YouTube.

More on the Social Model

People with disability discuss the importance of the social model.

Scope. (2014, August 21). What is the social model of disability? - Scope video [Video]. YouTube.

More on the Medical Model

From the PerspectivesOnDisability MOOC, an explanation of the medical model.

PerspectivesOnDisability MOOC. (2013, September 13). 2-4 Medical Model [Video]. YouTube.

Books - Disability Theory