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Persons with Disabilities Resources: Teaching & Learning Resources

This guide is an introduction to concepts and a gateway to resources around disability information, supports, legislation and rights. It was developed in consultation with members of the disability community and NSCC staff who work closely with them.

Teaching Beyond the Average

Todd Rose, a high school dropout turned Harvard faculty talks about how a simple new way of thinking helps nurture individual potential.

TEDx Talks. (2013, June 19). The myth of average: Todd Rose at TEDxSonomaCounty [Video]. YouTube. 

Books for Teaching

eBook - Building on the Strengths of Students with Special Needs

As a must-have reference for busy teachers with little special education training, this book supplies classroom-tested instructional strategies that address the characteristics of and challenges faced by students with special needs.

eBook - Inclusive Education and the Issue of Change

Exploring the theoretical, policy and classroom (pedagogical) dimensions of transformative change within the context of inclusive education policy and practice, this book documents how ideological presuppositions and professional practice should be transformed in order to meet learner diversity in effective and non-discriminatory ways.

eBook - Accessible Instructional Design

This volume will examine issues of accessibility and how designers can improve the quality of educational materials by embedding supports that anticipate the special learning needs of diverse learners.

eBook - Reach Everyone, Teach Everyone

The authors show that, although it is often associated with students with disabilities, UDL can be profitably broadened toward a larger ease-of-use and general diversity framework. Reach Everyone, Teach Everyone is aimed at faculty members, faculty-service staff, disability support providers, student-service staff, campus leaders, and graduate students who want to strengthen the engagement, interaction, and performance of all college students. It includes resources for readers who want to become UDL experts and advocates: real-world case studies, active-learning techniques, UDL coaching skills, micro- and macro-level UDL-adoption guidance, and use-them-now resources.

eBook - Specific Learning Difficulties - What Teachers Need to Know

This book clearly explains what Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) are, provides an overview of the strengths and weaknesses commonly associated with each of these conditions, as well as practical suggestions for modifying teaching materials and methods to make learning enjoyable, effective and accessible for students. This straight-talking and accessible guide is ideal for teachers, teaching assistants, and those in school management who want to know more about supporting students with Specific Learning Difficulties.

Inclusion of exceptional learners in Canadian schools : a practical handbook for teachers

Inclusion of Exceptional Learners in Canadian Schools is an outstanding introduction to inclusive education in Canada. In keeping with Canada’s commitment to inclusive education, this text examines positive ways of including children of all needs and abilities in the regular classroom. Author and educator, Nancy Hutchinson draws on her extensive experience educating students to help shape the skills and strategies future teachers need to create an inclusive classroom by individualizing learning for each student regardless of their exceptionality.

eBook - Using Technology to Engage Students with Learning Disabilities

In this volume in the Connected Educators Series, you'll discover: New ideas for using assistive technology to teach core subjects and study skills How to build positive opportunities for students to show what they know Tools to provide better content accessibility How to help students connect and share through technology tools

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Books for Student Supports

eBook - Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities and the Inclusive Future of Libraries

This book focuses on the issues at the intersection of disability, accessibility, inclusion and libraries. The chapters in this volume provide best practices and innovative ideas to share amongst libraries, explore the roles that internet and communication technologies play in the context of inclusive libraries, illuminate the important contributions of libraries in promoting social inclusion of and social justice for people with disabilities, and help libraries to better articulate their contributions in these areas as they engage with disability groups, funders, policymakers, and other parts of their communities.

eBook - Essential Skills for Struggling Learners

This book presents 11 key domains of learning divided into neurological developmental and educational domains and gives your team a complete collaborative plan for pinpointing where students need help and adapting your supports to meet those needs.

eBook - Creating Inclusive Library Environments

This planning guide will enable libraries to create and maintain a truly inclusive environment for all patrons.