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Preparing for Employment: Home

This guide provides quick access to useful resources to assist you in finding a job and preparing for an interview.

How Has the Job Market Changed During Covid?

Breakfast Television. (2021, March 23). How has the job market changed during Covid? [Video]. YouTube.

Indeed Canada Economist, Brendon Bernard joins BT to talk about his findings in the job market that has been affected by COVID-19, new jobs that have been created since the pandemic started, and more.

Nova Scotia Works

Government of Canada Sources

Student Employment

This government website contains a wealth of information relevant to anyone thinking about returning to school or looking for employment.

Turn & face the strange: Changes impacting the future of employment in Canada

Most contemporary conversations about the future of employment tend to focus on technological trends. However, in order to support forward-facing planning and avoid blind spots, it is critical to understand a range of trends, with various levels of maturity, and how they might interact over time. This is the purpose of Turn and Face the Strange which outlines 31 broad trends that could impact the future of Canada’s labour market over the next 10–15 years.

NSCC Employment Information

NSCC 2021 Graduate Survey

Graduates were surveyed by telephone and online by Narrative Research (formerly Corporate Research Associates) to explore employment and other graduate activities, as well as graduates’ satisfaction with their experience at NSCC.