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Preparing for Employment

This guide provides quick access to useful resources to assist you in finding a job and preparing for an interview.

Need Help Finding a Job?

Welcome to the Preparing for Employment Subject Guide. Finding a job is extremely competitive, and this guide contains some useful resources to help you through the various stages of the process from the job search to the interview. Preparing for your job search and interview by reviewing the articles and videos in this guide can assist you in making a great first impression at your interview. Good luck!

10+ Most Important Skills

Marr, B. (2019, October 27). The 10+ most important job skills every company will be looking for in 2020.

Government of Canada Services for Youth

Youth and Student Employment

This government website contains a wealth of information relevant to anyone thinking about returning to school or looking for employment.

Turn & Face the Strange

NSCC Graduate Follow-Up Results - 2018

NSCC 2018 Graduate Survey. 

This report summarizes the results of the 2018 Graduate Follow-Up Survey.

NSCC - Student & Graduate Employment

Student & Grad Employment

Employment opportunities and job search websites.