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2SLGBTQ+ Resources: Gender Identity & Expression

This guide provides access to resources on 2SLGBTQ+ issues in Canada and NS, as well as statistics and links to community organizations. It was developed in consultation with NSCC's Office of Human Rights and Equity Services.


Nova Scotia flag with Canadian flag and Pride rainbow flagWhat is Gender Identity?  

Gender identity is the internal sense a person has of their identity as male and/or female; and/or a variation or combination of genders. Today, more people feel comfortable to come out regarding their gender identity. It can be a long path to discover and embrace your true self. If your gender does not match your sex, you may even take steps to have your body represent who you really are.

Gender Nonconforming and Nonbinary

Some people identify as gender nonconforming. Nonconforming means their appearance does not match what we might expect for a female or male. Someone who is nonbinary feels they are neither male nor female. Nonbinary people experience gender existing outside of those ideas.  

Trans or Genderqueer

People who are trans or genderqueer are more likely to be harassed or assaulted. They may also have more mental health challenges due to stigma around their identity.


People from Indigenous communities in North America may use the term Two-Spirited. Two-spirited people are of both genders, or as a third separate gender.

Important! Gender identity is separate from sexuality. While some Trans, Genderqueer or Two-spirited people may also be lesbian, gay, bi or pansexual, or queer, many are not.



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