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ORLE 226 - Growing Resilience: Watch

Streaming Video

Go directly to one of these relevant NSCC Streaming Video Collections. Or watch some selected videos (right).

Videos Used in the Classroom

Resilience and Your Nervous System. (requires NSCC Office 365 login). By Lorraine “Rainy” Godin-Keating, NSCC.

Illusion. Video by Patrick Cavanagh via Vox
MP4 (requires NSCC Office 365 login).

Neuroplasticity by Sentis

Hardwiring happiness. By Dr. Rick Hanson via TEDxMarin.

The happy secret to better work. By Shawn Achor. YouTube

How stress affects your body. By Sharon Horesh Bergquist. YouTube.

The Power & Science of Social Connection. By Emma Seppälä via TEDx. YouTube

Brené Brown on Empathy. RSA on YouTube

10 ways to have a better conversation. By Celeste Headlee [Video] via TEDx. YouTube.

Growing Resilience by NSCC Online Learning

Getting stuck in the negatives (and how to get unstuck). By Alison Ledgerwood via TEDxUCDavis [Video].

Off Campus Access

Working from home or from the beach? No problem! To access some of the databases off campus, you may be asked to login. Just sign in using your W # and PASSWORD.