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Academic Integrity

This guide has been created to provide you with quick access to resources on the topic of Academic Integrity.

What is Academic Integrity?

Academic integrity is a fundamental value in an academic community devoted to the creation, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge.  At NSCC, it is essential that students, faculty and staff acknowledge the contributions of others in their own work by properly documenting their sources of information.

Discovering how to use others’ work to advance your own is a key part of learning; even the greatest scholars build on their predecessors’ achievements. Understanding how to incorporate others’ points into your own arguments, and how to acknowledge them properly, is one sign of maturing scholarship.

Academic Integrity Policy

Academic Integrity is an important pillar of teaching and learning. Learning to conduct themselves with Academic Integrity is a key part of the educational process for students at NSCC.

More information about NSCC's academic policies is available on the Policies & Procedures webpage.

Academic Integrity: It Matters to You!

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Resources on Academic Integrity