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Academic Integrity: Contract Cheating

This guide has been created to provide you with quick access to resources on the topic of Academic Integrity.

What is Contract Cheating?

Contract cheating is a form of academic dishonesty in which a student uses a third party (an online company or other individual) to complete their academic work for them and then take credit for it as their own work. 

Academic file sharing is one type of contract cheating in which students upload and share assignments, tests or other course materials to third party external websites such as contract cheating companies without their instructor's knowledge or permission.

Warning! If a student shares course materials on these external contract cheating websites, they are using copyright protected materials without permission and violating the Academic Integrity Policy. NSCC can identify students who upload content to these websites.

Have questions or concerned that you may have unknowingly used a contract cheating site, contact your Campus Library or the Copyright Office.

How to Avoid Contract Cheating

  • Make sure you understand the NSCC Academic Integrity Policy and academic misconduct consequences. 
  • Do NOT upload assignments, tests or other course materials to third-party external websites such as academic file sharing sites.
  • Do NOT purchase an assignment or paper from an online website.
  • Do NOT have someone else do your academic work.and take credit for it as your own work. This is also a form of plagiarism.
  • Do NOT have someone take a test in your place.

How do Academic File Sharing Websites Work?

Be aware that contract cheating company websites are predatory and often disguise their services as "homework help" or "tutoring support".

  • These websites put students at risk of academic misconduct and violating copyright law.
  • Registration is required to upload, access and use content posted to the website.
  • Payment is often required to use the website content and services. Some companies have been known to threaten students by asking for more money or they will contact their school or instructor to expose them as a cheater.
  • Many websites reward students who upload course materials by giving them access to their website content and services without having to pay.

Websites to Avoid

Examples of websites to avoid. These websites are not acceptable because they don't meet NSCC academic integrity standards.

  • Course Hero
  • StuDocU
  • Easy EDU
  • Docsity
  • Chegg
  • Thinkswap

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Need Help?

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Contract Cheating Video

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For NSCC specific supports,