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NSCC OER Toolkit -- Adopt & Adapt OER

Open Textbooks and NSCC Pressbooks

Are you already using an open textbook?

Check to make sure the textbook is in NSCC Pressbooks. The web address will start with

Hosting the textbook at NSCC has many benefits. Open textbooks hosted in NSCC Pressbooks:

  • Are connected to NSCC student resources and supports.
  • Are added to the NSCC Print on Demand service for students.
  • Can be modified and customized to more closely match NSCC courses and outcomes.
  • Are easier to add to NSCC Brightspace courses
  • Are stable -- the url will not change, and you control when revisions and changes are made.

What is NSCC Pressbooks?

NSCC has its own instance of PressbooksEDU called NSCC Pressbooks.

NSCC Pressbooks is a platform for creating, adapting, publishing and sharing open textbooks. Have a look at the NSCC Pressbooks Catalogue to view the open textbooks currently being used at the College.

NSCC encourages the adoption, adaptation and creation of Open Educational Resources (OER) in order to increase innovation in teaching and learning while decreasing costs for students.

Watch the 5 Ws of NSCC Libraries Pressbooks for a short overview of using PressbooksEDU at NSCC.

Pressbooks Guides

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