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NSCC OER Toolkit -- Adopt & Adapt OER

Three Open Educational Resources (OER) Guides -- What is the difference?

You are currently viewing the OER Toolkit.

Using Pressbooks at NSCC

NSCC Pressbooks Guide

  • Published in NSCC Pressbooks.

  • This guide contains everything you need to know about locating, using, adapting, and creating open textbooks at NSCC.

Using H5P in Pressbooks

  • Published in NSCC Pressbooks.

  • This guide will help you get started creating H5P in Pressbooks.

Getting Started With Open Educational Resources (OER) at NSCC

Not sure where you are in the process?

Have a look at the Overview for Creating, Adopting or Adapting Open Textbooks at NSCC tool.
See steps 5-6 for the process to create a new book [original content - not an import or adaptation] in NSCC Pressbooks.