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ORLE 225 - Understanding Mental Wellness : What is Mental Illness?


Statistics on Canadians who will bStatistics on Canadians who will be affected by mental health concernse affected by mental health concerns. Infographic sourced from the Office of the Ombudsman for Mental Health

How our environments can support or disadvantage our mental wellness.  Illustration created for NSCC by BraveSpace.

How our environments can support or disadvantage our mental wellness.

Factors influencing mental wellness. Infographic sourced from the Mental Health Commission of Canada

Social determinants of health and health inequalities

The Medicine Wheel – A Holistic View.  Image sourced from MDPI

The Medicine Wheel

Illustration as a symbol of the African philosophy of Ubuntu.  Sourced from The Good Human.


Mental Wellness Definitions by Laurie Baird, Mental Wellness Coordinator. Human Rights & Equity Services, NSCC [Video]



A Social Experiment on Mental Health Stigma | Beyond the Label. YouTube. By National Council of Social Service.

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