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Anti-Racism Resources: Anti-Islamophobia

This guide provides resources on anti-racism. It was developed in consultation with NSCC's Office of Human Rights and Equity Services.

What is Islamophobia?

Islamophobia is defined as  "a fear, prejudice and hatred of Muslims or non-Muslim individuals that leads to provocation, hostility and intolerance by means of threatening, harassment, abuse, incitement and intimidation of Muslims and non-Muslims, both in the online and offline world. Motivated by institutional, ideological, political and religious hostility that transcends into structural and cultural racism which targets the symbols and markers of a being a Muslim.”


Awan, I. & Zempi, I. (2020, November). A working definition of Islamophobia. 




Global News. (2021, June 13). How bad is Islamophobia in Canada [Video]?

In the last few years, Canada has seen a growing number of hate crimes against Muslims. This has many wondering how bad Islamophobia really is in Canada.