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Anti-Racism Resources: White Privilege and White Supremacy

This guide provides resources on anti-racism. It was developed in consultation with NSCC's Office of Human Rights and Equity Services.

White Privilege and White Supremacy

What is White Privilege?

The unquestioned and unearned set of advantages, entitlements, benefits and choices bestowed upon people solely because they are white. White people who experience such privilege usually do so without being conscious of it (W. K. Kellogg Foundation, n.d.).

  • I can walk around a department  store without being followed.
  • I can come to a meeting late and not  have my lateness attributed to my race.
  • I can turn on the television or look to the front page and see people of my ethnic and racial  background represented.

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What is White Supremacy?

The idea that white people and their ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions are superior to those of People of Color (Dismantling Racism Works (dRworks), 2021).

White supremacy is  present in our institutional and cultural assumptions that assign value, morality, goodness, and humanity to the white group while casting people and communities of color as worthless (worth less), immoral, bad, and inhuman and "undeserving.


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