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EAL Supports and Resources: Reading & Vocabulary Development Skills

About Reading & Vocabulary Development Skills

Like listening, reading is a receptive skill.  This means that it is a skill where we take in, or receive information.  Reading is an important part of language acquisition and is also a complicated cognitive process.  Our brains work hard when we read! 

When we read, we are decoding words and meaning so that we can learn new information.  Strong reading skills help us understand ideas, use grammar correctly, learn writing skills, develop our vocabulary, and help with spelling.

There are several resources to help with reading comprehension:

In addition to reading, which is an important way to grow your vocabulary, there are also different resources, tips, and activities you can use.  The resources below will help you with your vocabulary development.

Glossary of Terms

Use these glossaries to help understand vocabulary related to NSCC Student Services and NSCC Libraries.