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Study Skills: Test-Taking Strategies

General Test-Taking Tips

Once you have studied and are ready for the test, these are some general test-taking tips and strategies.

  1. Arrive a few minutes early.  This gives you time to get comfortable, relax, breathe, and give yourself time to focus 
  2. Listen to the instructions from your faculty.  Test instructions are important.  If you have any questions about the instructions, ask
  3. Do a memory dump.  When the test begins, write down memorized information you know you'll need (e.g. equations, dates, definitions, etc.)
  4. Read the instructions and questions carefully.  The instructions and test questions have important information in them
  5. Pay attention to details.  Test questions and multiple choice answers contain important details that help you choose the best answer
  6. Pay attention to the time limit on the test.  Make sure you plan out enough time to answer all of the questions. 
  7. Answer all of the questions.  Unless your faculty tell you otherwise, you can often get points for partially correct answers.  Do your best to answer all of the questions, even if you are not sure of the answer

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Test-Taking Strategies

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