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Study Skills: Note-Taking Strategies

Note-Taking Methods

Good notes will help you to stay focused in class, remember what you're learning, develop learning skills, and help you to better understand the topics you're studying. 

Great notes will help you recall information better and more effectively when it is assignment and/or test time!  Note-taking is also an important skill for the workplace.

Everyone has ways that they prefer to take and organize their notes. The key is to find an effective method that works best for you.  Take a look at the resources on this page to help you decide what would be most helpful for you.

Note-Taking & Reading

It makes sense that reading skills and writing skills go hand-in-hand.  Having effective reading skills will help you to develop vocabulary, anticipate course content, understand course content, and to write effective notes.

Sometimes it can be challenging to get through your readings effectively and efficiently.  Look at the links below for some strategies to help you read, comprehend, and to write better notes.