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Academic Integrity: Contract Cheating

This guide has been created to provide you with quick access to resources on the topic of Academic Integrity.

Contract Cheating

What is Contract Cheating?

  • The use of assignments and assessments not created by you.
  • Having some one else do your academic work.
  • Signing up (a form of contract) to gain access to websites that contain assignments and assessments from NSCC and other post-secondaries.
  • Often involves payment for services.


  • NSCC instructional content is uploaded by a NSCC student to a study website on the open web.
  • The website requires a subscription payment to access.
  • The student is rewarded for their uploading with free access to course content shared by other students.
  • Both the uploading of course files and the use of other student's work posted on the website are examples of academic dishonesty and are a breach of academic integrity.

Academic File Sharing

  • The unauthorized sharing of course materials, assignment documents, tests, and quizzes


  • Uploading NSCC course materials like assignments and assessments to websites without the instructor's knowledge or permission.

External Tutoring Websites

Avoid using non-NSCC websites or resources that do not align with NSCC's academic integrity standards.

Many external sites advertising tutoring services:

  • Are unethical in their presentation of services
  • Are contract cheating disguised as support for students


Contract Cheating Video

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