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Library Resources in Brightspace: Articles

Adding Links from Periodical and eBook Databases

NSCC Library Services subscribes to several Databases.These range from being very large and multi-disciplinary to quite subject specific. 

Articles and eBooks usually come with a permalink that can be posted to a Brightspace course.

Different database vendors have different interfaces so locating the permalink will be a bit different for each. Check out the tabs below for linking from Specific Databases!

Linking from Specific Databases

  1. Find an eBook or article you want and click on the title.
  2. Click on the Abstract/Details Tab.

3. Scroll down to the Document URL and copy it.

  1. Find the eBook or article you wish to link to and click on the title.
  2. Locate the Get Link option.
  3. In the GET LINK box that opens, click Select.
  4. In Brightspace Module, select New > Create a Link > Paste the link
  5. Give your topic a Title and Click Create.

GALE get link option

  1. Find an eBook or article you want to save or share.
  2. Click on the article.
  3. Click on the Permalink button in the right menu.
  4. Copy the URL in the Permalink bar.

EBSCO permalink

You can also add PDF's of EBSCO articles to your course. This is for EBSCO Databases ONLY

  1. In an EBSCO database, locate the article you want and Download the PDF.
  2. In Brightspace, go to Edit Course > Manage Files > Upload > drag and drop your file > Save
  3. Back in Content, select New > Add from Manage Files > select your file and click Add
  4. Edit Properties in Place to edit title etc.
  1. Find the book or magazine you want to share and click on the title. 
  2. Copy title link and share. 

Sharing titles in the Libby app

Currently the sharing icon in the Libby app does not work for academic libraries. In order to share titles, you can use the following work around: 

  1. Use the Share Icon to copy the title link. The example below is for an iOS device. The share icon appears as three dots on an Android device. 
  2. Manually add #library-nscc to the end of the link. 
  3. This will show NSCC availability for the title at the bottom of the page.
  4. Note: This is only an issue in the Libby app. The Share feature works fine when using a browser.

Integrating into Brightspace

Once you have a permalink to an article, there are different ways to add it to Brightspace.

1. Use the New > Create a Link feature.

2.  Use the Create a File > Insert Quicklink > URL feature.

See the Books and eBooks page for steps.

Linking to a Journal Page

Many of our periodical databases have Journal Publication Details Pages. 

The information found in the Publication Details may include: the title, ISSN, publisher information (name, address, publisher URL), title history, bibliographic record and full text coverage, publication type, the subject and/or a description of the journal, and whether the journal is peer reviewed.

ProQuest Publication Page Links

Unfortunately, ProQuest does not have stable Publication Information Page URL's.  What you can do is use the URL as listed when you go to a publication information page and edit it. Do not use the complete URL as some of the information in that URL is session specific and would need to be removed before you could use the URL to link with.

For example: 

  • The Publication Information page for the New York Times, Late Edition (East Coast) will have a URL similar to the following when you first go to it:

  • Only use the highlighted portion below:

New York Times, Late Edition (East Coast)

  • And include the proxy prefix for remote access:

New York Times, Late Edition (East Coast)

EBSCO Publication Details Page

In EBSCO, click on the Publications tab in the top blue banner. Form here you can search for journals by title or subject. One you locate the journal you want, click on the Journal Name.

This will take you to the Publication Details page with links too all available issues. Click on Share on the right to get the Permalink. Copy and paste this URL into D2L.