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Library Resources in Brightspace: Books & eBooks

Add Permalink to Course

What is a permalink? A stable link to a book, eBook, article, etc. Copying and pasting the URL from your browser's search bar is not stable and will not allow you to return to your book at a later date. Most of Library Catalogues and licensed periodical databases have handy permalink features.

Once you Copy the Permalink to the book or eBook, there are 2 ways you can add it to your Brightspace Course:

1. Insert as Create a File

  1. Locate the Permalink in the Novanet Catalogue
  2. In Brightspace module, Select New > Create a File
  3. In the Rich Text Editor, enter the title of the book as well as some bibliographic information, such as: author, date of publication, etc.
  4. Highlight the Book Title, Insert Quicklink > Scroll down to URL
  5. Paste Permalink from Novanet Catalogue into the URL Field. These links will take the student to the Novanet Catalogue.

2. Insert as Create a Link

  1. Go to the Module where you'd like to link to the eBook and click New.
  2. Select Create a  Link
  3. Add Title (book title).
  4. Paste copied Permalink in URL.

Open as External Resource determines how your Link will display.

Leave unchecked and the full display of the book in the Library Catalogue interface will embed. It's great, but takes up a lot of realestate.


Check and only the title of the book will appear and link out to the Library Catalogue.

Adding eBook & Print Book Permalinks


  • To link to a specific eBook, use the vendor platform permalink (EBSCO, ProQuest, Gale etc.)
  • See the Articles tab of this guide for instructions on getting permalinks in different vendor platforms.

Print Books

When you do a search in the Novanet Catalogue, each book comes with its own Permalink.

Finding a Permalink

Step 1. Locate a Book or eBook in the Library Catalogue.

Step 2. Under Send to you'll see several options. Click on Permalink and select COPY THE PERMALINK TO CLIPBOARD.