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Library Resources in Brightspace: Subject Guides

Adding Subject Guides

NSCC Library Services uses LibGuides' Content Management System to create and maintain Subject Guides. There is a guide for every Learning Program. NSCC Librarians work with faculty to pull together lists of books, eBooks, articles, websites, and videos that are current, authoritative and accessible from on and off-site campus.

Subject Guides integrate seamlessly into Brightspace courses. You can add:

  • an entire guide
  • a page from a guide
  • a box from a guide

If you decide to add Subject Guide content to Brightspace, please contact Alaina MacKenzie to get the widget code you need.

Embed Subject Guide Widget Code

  1. Get the code (from
  2. In the Module where you wish to embed the video, click on New.
  3. Click Create a File.
  4. Click Insert Stuff.
  5. Select Enter Embed Code.
  6. Paste the code you copied from the Streaming Video platform
  7. Click Next then Insert.
  8. Name your file.
  9. Name the file. Click Publish.

Embed An Entire Guide

You can add an entire guide to your course! This allows your students to navigate through all the resources provided in the guide without ever leaving Brightspace!

Embed A Page from a Guide

You can add a specific page from a guide, similar to add an entire guide without the tabs to navigate.

Embed A Content Box from a Guide

Or you can add a specific Content Box from a guide. This is handy if you want to provide a list of books or websites.