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NSCC Open Textbooks

A list of Open Textbooks being used at NSCC. Textbook content boxes are created for NSCC Open Textbook and hosted in this guide. The embed code for Textbook Content Boxes is shared so boxes can be added to Brightspace courses.

Three Open Educational Resources (OER) Guides -- What is the difference?

You are currently viewing the NSCC Open Textbooks Guide.

UPDATES: New titles recently adopted for use at NSCC - there is sometimes a delay in adding new titles to this site.

Open Textbooks being used at NSCC

This guide contains a textbook content box for every 'known' open textbook currently being used at NSCC.

  • Textbook content boxes are created for every textbook and hosted in this guide.
  • Adopted (being used as is) or adapted versions (modified and customized) of OPEN textbooks.
  • The embed code for Textbook Content Boxes is shared with faculty for addition to Brightspace courses.

Advantages of the Textbook Content Box

  • Easy way to provide stable access with links to Student Print on Demand (POD)
  • Includes a cover image of the textbook
  • Includes links to supplementary student resources that connect to the textbook when they are available.
  • Ensures faculty and students are accessing the NSCC edition of an open textbook.

Request Embed Codes

  • Send an email to to place a request.

More Information

  • Ready to use an Open Textbook? We have a new guide to support You -- NSCC OER Toolkit

How to use the Textbook Embed Code in Brightspace

To update the Savings Widget, edit the Values column and then refresh the page to view the new values in the widget.

open textbooks 124  
courses 179  
students 4475  

Use Textbook Price or an average textbook price




OER Savings at NSCC

Estimated NSCC Open Textbook Savings

74 NSCC Instructors


Open Textbooks




NSCC Students


Student Savings

Numbers based on self-identified open textbook use by NSCC Instructors for the academic years 2020-21 and 2021-22 and estimates based on: average class size (25) and average textbook cost ($80).  Use and savings numbers do not include use of general reference titles that are being used. For example, NSCC College Guide 101: Study, Strategize and Succeed.