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NSCC Open Textbooks

A list of Open Textbooks being used at NSCC. Textbook content boxes are created for NSCC Open Textbook and hosted in this guide. The embed code for Textbook Content Boxes is shared so boxes can be added to Brightspace courses.

NSCC OER by Subject List -- ECE

Fundamentals of Early Childhood Education in Nova Scotia / ECSP 1000

Fundamentals of ECE / ECSP 1000

Observing and Recording Young Children / ECSP 1002

Aesthetics and Creativity / ECSP 1004

Safety, Health and Nutrition in Early Childhood Education / ECSP 1006

Building and Supporting Professional Relationships in Early Childhood Education - ECSP 1008

Emerging Literacy in the Early Years / ECSP 1009

Child, Family and Community / ECSP 1010 Family Studies.

Administering Early Childhood Services in Nova Scotia / ECSP 1012

Applying Developmentally Appropriate Practice / ECSP 1014

ECE: Diverse and Inclusive Practices in Nova Scotia / ECE 1015

Music and the Child / ECSP 1016

Leadership in Early Care and Education / ECSP 1017

Infant and Toddler Care ECSP 1123

Preschool Methods / ECSP 1125

ECE Nature and Outdoor Play / ECSP 1200

ECE Outdoor Play Resource Guide / ECSP 1200

Work Experience IV / ECSP 2050

Reflective Practice in Early Years Education

Human Growth and Development II / GDEV 2028

NSCC Developmental Psychology / GDEV 2028

Child Growth and Development

Introduction to Sociology / SOCS 1000

Intro to Psychology / SOCS 1001

Writing Skills / SOCS 1005