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Assistive Technology: Math

Assistive Technology resources for a variety of applications.


PhotoMath App (Android & iOS)

A great application for your mobile device which helps walk you through math equations on the go.

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Mathshare is a powerful math application which works on your computer browser!

Mathshare. (2020, July 27). Mathshare version 1.4.1 overview [Video]. YouTube.


You can use EquatIO® to complete equations within Microsoft applications! Another great tool to help with complex math problems.

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Desmos provides a free browser graphing calculator! Perfect for individuals who may not be able to afford an expensive hand-held graphing calculator. If you sign up, there are more features you can use.

Desmos. (2015, September 18). Learn Desmos: Convert to table [Video]. YouTube.


OneNote has built-in math functions which can be handy for working with math problems.

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