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Assistive Technology: Organization

Assistive Technology resources for a variety of applications.

Time Management & Organization

Phone Apps

Audio Note is a combined notepad and audio recorder. By tapping record at the top of your phone screen, you can then type or draw notes while your phone records audio.

Errands To-Do List is a task management application. This app helps to keep you on track by managing your daily tasks, creating scheduled alarms, and reminding you of upcoming due dates.

MyLife Meditation is a mindfulness application which helps the user relax and focus through breathing exercises and guided meditation.

Organization/Time Management

Brightspace Pulse App (iOS and Android): Set up notifications in Brightspace to remind you about assignments and announcements.

iStudiez Pro (iOS and Android) allows students to input up to an 8-day schedule. It is available in Android and iOS, looks like a day planner and can support students to enter homework or assignment reminders 

Chrome Plugins

OneTab helps save memory on your browser, while making sure your tabs are organized and decluttered. This plugin is perfect for individuals who have difficulties managing several tasks at once or those who may find it overwhelming having several tabs open at once. You can also use it to organize tabs into different groups. For example, if you were working on several different assignments, you could organize your research to easily access it later.

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Session Buddy is another solution for browser management. Organizes tabs into useful groupings and protects your tabs from browser crashing. This makes it easy to recover what web pages you were on the last time you were on your browser.

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My Study Life is a planner application which helps you managing your school schedule with the rest of your life. You can schedule when upcoming assignments are do, your shifts at your job, and other life commitments all in this app. Also available on your mobile device.


Mind-Mapping applications can help you brainstorm ideas for a paper, organize several projects / tasks you are working on, make connections with course concepts, and more!

Free mind is an open-source, free-to-use mind-mapping software. It can be downloaded on windows, iOS or linux!

Free Mind

MindMup is a free-to-use mind-mapping software which can be used within your browser (no download required) mind-mapping software which can be used within your browser (no download required).

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MindView is a mind mapping and project management software. MindView is used for mind mapping, concept mapping, work breakdown structures, timelines, Gantt charts, organizational charts, and other visuals.

Licenses starting at $379

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