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Assistive Technology: Notetaking

Assistive Technology resources for a variety of applications.

Note-taking apps

Notability (iOS) is a note taking app which allows you to combine photos, documents, and handwritten notes into one place. This app is available on apple devices, and would be most useful on a tablet.

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OneNote: As an NSCC student, you have access to the Microsoft Office 365 applications. OneNote is a great tool for notetaking and organization. You can create different folders for your classes and store your notes in one place. This application has a variety of features so make sure to explore!

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NEBO App (Android, iOS, desktop) is another option for notetaking. This application focuses on colour-coding notes for more clear organization. Also a great study tool and is available on multiple platforms.

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LiveScribe pens record audio while you write. You can return to your page at a later time, and tap on a word to see what was said when you wrote it. This allows to listen more closely to what is being said, while writing down key words or concepts. LiveScribe pens can be effective during lectures, or even while you are studying by yourself. You can speak aloud while your write, which can help you comprehend the material.

Another interesting function of the pen is that it makes all of your notes searchable on a computer or phone. You can connect the pen to a device and watch your notes appear while listening to the audio You can also search through all of your pages to revisit difficult concepts or important information for an upcoming test.

There are several different models or the LiveScribe pen, each with their own functionalities!

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Prices from $185

Sonocent also allows you to record lectures while taking annotated notes. You can easily jump back to important concepts, which makes this an effective studying tool.

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Recording in Microsoft Teams

  1. In Teams meeting, select more options (the 3 dots in the menu.)
  2. Select start recording.
  3. All recordings are uploaded and saved in Stream.
  4. Look into your Teams Permission and Privacy settings for Streams.

How to share audio in a video in a Teams meeting.

What is Microsoft Stream?

MS Stream is NSCC's own internal Youtube.

  • NSCC staff, faculty and students can upload, view, and share videos securely
  • Everyone has Access to Microsoft Stream.
  • That recording of your meeting? This is where it lives!
  • You get an email when your video is ready!

Screencat-O-Matic is a free-to-use screen recording. Records your computer screen, webcam, and audio all at the same time! Very useful for school projects and allows you to easily share information to others.

Screencast-O-Matic. (2018, October 25). Beginner's guide to Screencast-O-Matic's free screen recorder [Video]. YouTube.