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Online Tools at NSCC: Microsoft 365

This guide is meant to help students navigate NSCC online tools..

Microsoft 365

Logo for Microsoft Office 365 


Online Access to Microsoft 365

NSCC students and staff have access to their Microsoft 365 account anywhere via the Internet.

Just visit the login page and enter your W# followed by (ex: and your current NSCC password.


Download Microsoft 365 Apps to your personal device(s)

All NSCC students have a subscription to Office 365 via their W# and password during their program.

Students are also able to download the Office 365 Apps (or software to their personal desktop, laptop, or tablet device)


More information

For more information about Office 365 apps you can see the Knowledge Base article from DI&T.

Link to the DI&T Service Desk

Switching from Google Apps to Microsoft 365

Many high school students come to NSCC familiar with Google Apps and continue to use Google rather than switching to Microsoft 365.
This is understandable, but it can make some aspects of their life at NSCC more difficult than they need to be.


Why switch to Microsoft 365?

1.    Microsoft 365 is supported by NSCC Digital Innovation & Technology (DI&T)    
When you need tech support, our DI&T and library teams are most familiar with, and best able to troubleshoot Microsoft 365.
2.    Working offline
Microsoft 365 desktop apps are available when working offline.        
3.    Functions
You have access to the full versions of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook webmail, etc.
These versions have more functionality and can do more things than their Google App
4.    MS Teams
NSCC uses MS Teams to communicate for group sessions and one-on-one chats.
5.    Accessibility features and Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
The accessibility features available in Google Apps are also available through Office 365:
Speech to Text (Dictate), Live Captions, Read Aloud, Immersive Reader, Accessibility Checker.
6.    The work world
Microsoft 365 is the industry standard for many businesses and industries. 
NSCC provides free access to Microsoft 365 to our students.
Learning how to use it while at NSCC can give you a competitive edge when applying for jobs.     
Organizations use and share files created locally using Microsoft 365 applications.
7.   File storage
Microsoft 365 – 1 TB Terabite (the equivalent of 1000 gigabites)
Google Apps – 30 GB Gigabites
Email: Microsoft 365 stores email separately from document storage. Google does not.            

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