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Online Tools at NSCC: WiFi at NSCC

This guide is meant to help students navigate NSCC online tools..

WiFi Services

Image of the eduroam logo

What is Eduroam?

Eduroam (education roaming) is a wireless service that allows students, staff, and faculty to use their own home institution’s wireless credentials to access wireless network services when visiting any other eduroam affiliated institution without having to set up a guest account.


How to set up Eduroam on your device(s)


Select the network symbol in the system tray (at the bottom of your monitor) to see your available wireless networks.

 Image of a computer network symbol in a system tray

  • Select eduroam, then select Connect
  • Place a check in the Connect automatically box, your device will connect automatically when on campus.
  • Click Connect

Image of eduroam connection box


  • A popup sign in window will appear, enter your NSCC

  • Do Not put a check in the "Use my Windows user account" box. 

 Image of eduroam connecting box

  • A security notification asks you to confirm you were expecting to find eduroam in your location
  • Confirm by selecting Connect

Image of eduroam connection box

That's it - welcome to eduroam!


For more information on Eduroam  check out the Eduroam at NSCC page.

Eduroam Wifi - Connection Instructions for Windows 10 (PDF 372KB)

Image of Wifi

NSCCGuest Wifi

NSCCGuest is the public wifi network at NSCC for our visitors and guests. This is a self-service (text/SMS based) network for guest use on our campuses.

  1. Open your device settings
  2. Connect your device to the NSCCGuest WiFi network
  3. A webpage will open and ask you for your mobile number
  4. Enter your mobile number to receive a text message with an authorization code valid for 4 hours.