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Online Tools at NSCC: Cyber Security

This guide is meant to help students navigate NSCC online tools..


Phishing - when people in a large organization, like NSCC, are targeted through email to reveal personal information

How to Spot Phishing

  • Is it too good to be true?  Then it is likely false.     
    • Watch out for offers like job opportunities to work from home for few hours and a high pay.
  • Look at the email address. 
    • Does the sender's email address fit with the message you were sent?
    • Student accounts would not be used to send emails about password resets, job opportunities, account closures, etc...
  • Asking for personal information? 
    • NSCC would not ask for personal information through this type of email.
    • NSCC would NEVER ask for a password.
  • NSCC does not use Google Forms.

What to do?

The best defence is Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

If you think you may have clicked on a phishing message or landing page please contact your campus DI&T team immediately.

Remember:  Cyber security affects all of us and is something we al need to work on together.