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Sustainable Development Goals at NSCC: Goal 15: Life On Land

About Goal 15

Tree with birds flying above Life on Land

Goal 15, Life on Land, aims to protect and restore terrestrial ecosystems. This goal promoted the use of sustainable management and restoration of forests, wetlands, mountains and other terrestrial ecosystems.  It also seeks to protect vulnerable and endangered species while preventing the invasion of alien species.  

Learn more about Goal 15

UN Environment Programme. (2020, April 23). How nature can protect us from pandemics [Video]. YouTube. 

NSCC and Goal 15

Examples of NSCC initiatives that are helping to advance Goal 15: Life on Land.

Teaching Sustainable Landscaping

The NSCC Kingstec Campus is home to the Horticulture and Landscaping Technology program, as well as a Viticulture program. To facilitate hands on learning in these programs the college has greenhouses and gardens that are tended by the students and an on campus educational vineyard and winery. The students use knowledge of sustainable growing practices gained in class to ensure the plants on site remain healthy. The Kingstec Campus grounds form the living lab for the students as well.

Campus Biodiversity

NSCC seeks to promote native biodiversity on all campuses. The College’s campus-wide landscape management plan maintains grounds without the use of irrigation, harmful chemicals or pesticides. The College also encourages campus projects to support biodiversity, existing projects including, pollinator gardens, community gardens, use of rain-captured water, and bird and duck nesting boxes.   

Environmental Rehabilitation NSCC’s Natural Resources Environmental Technology program is an active influence in the province. In 2018, the program led to the planting of 1,000 Red Spruce saplings at a former limestone quarry. The trees will not only support the recovery of the ecosystem but also support the capture of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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