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Sustainable Development Goals at NSCC: Goal 5: Gender Equality

About Goal 5

Merged male female gender symbols=Gender Equality

Goal 5, Gender Equality, aims to achieve gender equality and empower women and girls. This goal strives to eliminate the child marriage of girls, as well as ensure that women are fully represented in leadership roles in our societies. 

Learn more about Goal 5

The Global Goals. (2020, October 13). Women & girls: The facts and solutions: Nations united [Video]. YouTube.

NSCC and Goal 5

 Examples of NSCC initiatives that are helping to advance Goal 5: Gender Equality.

Women Unlimited

Part of NSCC, Women Unlimited works with industry, governments, other educational institutions and the community to address systemic barriers that limit the participation of diverse women in trades and technology fields. Close to 1,000 women from under-represented backgrounds have participated in the Women Unlimited program so far; the majority have gone on to continue their education or enter the workforce. 

Happiness Now Project

The Happiness Now Project is a Global Skills Opportunity in partnership with the Government of Canada. During this opportunity students have a chance to spend two weeks in Tanzania working with and educating local women on social entrepreneurship. The project is focused on educating and empowering women in Tanzania and creating opportunities for them to create income.

Scotiabank Entrepreneur-in- Making-Program

The Entrepreneur-in-the-Making Program (EITM) provides business start-up funds to a current or past NSCC student who is looking to start or expand their business. All applications are welcome, however, preference is given to applicants from equity-seeking groups.

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