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Sustainable Development Goals at NSCC: Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

About Goal 8

House shaped chart: work and economic growth

Goal 8, Decent Work and Economic Growth, aims to promote, inclusive and sustainable economic growth with productive employment and decent work for all. This goal has two key targets, to sustain and grow the economy through consistent increases in the GDP and higher levels of economic productivity. The second is to support employment and decent work through equal pay and protection of labour rights. 

Learn more about Goal 8

United Cities and Local Governments. (2016, March 17). Learning about SDG 8 [Video]. YouTube.

NSCC and Goal 8

Examples of NSCC initiatives that are helping to advance Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Career Advising NSCC helps students prepare for entering the workforce through personal career advising sessions and job seeking support
Local Economy

The Analysis of the Economic Impact and Return on Investment of Education: the Economic Value of Nova Scotia Community College study investigates the economic impacts created by NSCC on the provincial economy and the benefits that the college generates in return for the investments made by its key stakeholder groups—students, society, and taxpayers.

Meeting Industry Needs The College works closely with employers and industry partners across Nova Scotia to develop programs, learning opportunities and research projects that not only support our students with their studies but benefit our collaborators and communities. Due to this, our graduates are well positioned to enter the workforce with the skills they require.
Support for Entrepreneurs NSCC delivers a free online workshop, Financial Information for Small Business,sponsorship by CIBC.

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