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Sustainable Development Goals at NSCC: Internationalization at NSCC


Our Vision is for NSCC students and employees to have a strengthened global world view through experiential international learning opportunities at home and abroad. Working toward this vision includes integrating the UN Sustainable Development Goals into our three main areas of international work: International Learning Programs, Technical Assistance Projects, and Immigrant and International Student Experience.

International Learning Programs

One of the many opportunities for NSCC staff and students to travel abroad includes our Global Skills Opportunities.

Funded by the Government of Canada, these programs aim to empower post-secondary institutions to increase the participation of young Canadians—especially underrepresented students—in international learning opportunities both at home and abroad.

One of our Global Skills Opportunities is the Happiness Project which focuses on SDG 5 Gender Equality.

NSCC International. (2019, November 14). The happiness project: A women and entrepreneurship story [Video]. YouTube.

Technical Assistance Projects

Funded by the Mastercard Foundation, Young Africa Works-Kenya is one of the many Technical Assistance projects at NSCC and focuses on SDG 4 Quality Education. As one of the project partners, NSCC is lending expertise to enhance programming in hospitality and tourism, building and construction, and aquaculture and fisheries. Through this work, we are taking part in a significant scale-up of TVET trainer training and continuous professional development, and a significant enhancement of gender equality and safe spaces at TVET institutions in Kenya.

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Immigrant and International Student Experience

The International Student Ambassador (ISA) Program (NSCC login/password required) was created with international and immigrant students in mind, to be their guiding light as they become familiar with their school and surroundings. The ISA has been incorporating the UN Sustainable Development Goals into programming through many avenues such as hosting introductory UN SDG workshops and a monthly webinar series Cultural Coaches where students promote global citizenship education through sharing stories from their home countries and teaching others about their culture.

The ISA has also signed the SDG Accord, formalizing this commitment to the UN SDGs, vowing to do more to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals.