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Sustainable Development Goals at NSCC: Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

About Goal 9

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Goal 9, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, aims to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation. This goal intends to upgrade infrastructure to make it more sustainable as well as support technology development and innovation. 

Learn more about Goal 9

GLOBALVIA. (2019, May 29). Sustainable Development Goal 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure [Video]. YouTube. 

NSCC and Goal 9

 Examples of NSCC initiatives that are helping to advance Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.

Nova Scotia Sandbox Developed through a partnership between NSCC Burridge, Digby and Shelburne Campuses and the Université Sainte-Anne the Cube is part of the Nova Scotia Sandbox initiative for Southwest Nova Scotia. It acts as a catalyst for creativity and innovation while building capacity for ideation and entrepreneurship.
NSCC Centre of Forestry Innovation The Centre of Forest Innovation is a training provider and funding resource helping Nova Scotia adopt ecological forestry practices. The Centre is training the next generation of forest professionals from diverse communities with innovative programming designed to meet industry needs.
Nova Scotia Bidirectional Charger Partnering with Nova Scotia Power, the Applied Research Lab has installed and is testing Nova Scotia's first bidrectional electric vehicle charger at the Annapolis Valley Campus. The charger allow the battery to supply power back to the utility grid giving it the potential to support homes, commercial buildings and the grid during power outages and high demand periods.
NSCC Industry Liaison Officer (ILO) The Industry Liaison Officer (ILO) links industry to researcher expertise and faculty to develop solutions for their needs. The ILO works with industry partners to identify opportunities and develop Collaborative Research Agreements (CRA).

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