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Sustainable Development Goals at NSCC: Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

About Goal 7

Sun shaped power button Affordable Clean Energy

Goal 7, Affordable and Clean Energy, aims to ensure everyone has access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy. This goal targets increasing energy efficiency and the global percentage of renewable energy while investing in energy infrastructure for least developed countries. 

Learn more about Goal 7

The Global Goals. (2018, October 10). Goalkeepers18 - Dysmus Kisilu, Goalkeepers Progress Award Winner [Video]. YouTube.  

NSCC and Goal 7

Examples of NSCC initiatives that are helping to advance Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy.

Renewable Energy Production To help Nova Scotia continue its clean energy transition, we’re participating in Nova Scotia's Solar Electricity for Community Buildings pilot program. We’re producing solar power on our campuses and feeding it into Nova Scotia’s energy grid. The Centre for the Built Environment at Ivany Campus has a 39-kilowatt solar array on its roof and 75-kilowatt solar arrays are installed at the Annapolis Valley, Shelburne and Strait Area Campuses.
Sydney Waterfront Campus

In 2024, NSCC will open its new Sydney Waterfront Campus. This campus will be 100% heated and cooled by geothermal. Geothermal energy is power from the Earth’s internal core, it can be used to control building temperature with significantly lower impact than fossil fuels.

Energy Research NSCC Applied Energy Research built a research microgrid. The AERlab microgrid uses electricity generated by the college's roof-top solar panels to power appliances in a model kitchen. The kitchen can be disconnected from the grid and run from batteries. NSCC collects data on this system to provide key industry insights.

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