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Sustainable Development Goals at NSCC: Goal 4: Quality Education

About Goal 4

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Goal 4, Quality Education, aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and to promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. This goal focuses on eliminating discrimination and creating opportunities for everyone to obtain a primary and secondary education. Goal 4 also seeks to increase education for sustainable development (ESD) which would equip each learner with the ability to understand and participate in sustainable development.  

Learn more about Goal 4

The Global Goals. (2022, July 6). Transform education with the world's largest lesson [Video]. YouTube. 

NSCC and Goal 4

Examples of NSCC initiatives that are helping to advance Goal 4: Quality Education.

Access to education NSCC strives to provide access to education for all Nova Scotians. Our campuses are located strategically throughout the province to create a network of educational institutions that are accessible to everyone in Nova Scotia. In addition to our physical locations, we also offer programming through our eCampus for those who need or want to attend classes online.
Sustainable Develop Goals Campaigns

NSCC is working to embed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into everything we do. Since signing the SDG Accord in 2021, The College has led a number of campaigns to increase awareness and knowledge of the SDGs. Throughout the 2022/23 academic year, the College focused on a different goal monthly, hosting webinars, sharing resources and initiating on-campus events. Staff and students can visit the Sustainability Hub (NSCC W# and password required) to stay up to date on events and promotions.

Open Educational Resources NSCC Libraries support faculty in the use of open educational resources (OER). The number of OERs used in NSCC courses is growing each year. OERs improve the currency and relevance of educational materials, create an open environment to collaborate and share resources, and provide access to quality resources that are cost-free and barrier-free.
International training NSCC International delivers Technical and Vocational Training (TVET) in multiple countries. In 2022 the College launched three new international TVET programs with partners in Belize, Kenya and Canada.
NSCC Foundation NSCC Foundation is dedicated to helping students in financial need and improving access to education. Through philanthropy, sponsorship and advocacy, the Foundation helps NSCC fulfill its mission to build Nova Scotia's economy and quality of life through education and innovation.

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